Playter Estates

Playter Estates is a unique location with fabulous homes located just east of the Don Valley. In this area there are many desirable features including the beautiful homes. Young or old, individuals can look forward to first class shopping on the Danforth and convenient access to the TTC. Because of the where the neighbourhood is located it’s considered part of the Danforth.

A little History of Playter Estates

Located between Broadview Ave and Jackman Ave, north of Danforth Road and south of Fulton Ave is the fabulous Playter Estates neighbourhood. This neighbourhood was built on land owned by George Henry Playter that was granted to him by Lieutenant Governor Simcoe in the late 1790’s. Playter Estates was put together in 1912. In 1870 George’s great grandson John built the farmhouse at 28 Playter Crescent which is now known as the Playter Mansion. The streets in this neighbourhoood were named after the wives and relatives of the Playter family.

Playter Estates

Many of the homes built in this neighbourhood possess spectacular 10 to 15 room homes. There are various styles of homes in this district ranging from the Tudor style to Victorian and Edwardian style homes. These homes are the same as the homes in Rosedale area. The properties in this neighbourhood are a lot more affordable because of the neighbourhood they are in.

When exploring this neighbourhood you’ll discover there are eight streets to visit. As a result, there are many homes that are detached in the neighbourhood. However, when you look around this district you will also see a few semi detached 2 and 3 storey homes. The huge detached mansions can sell for as much as 2 million dollars. There are smaller properties as well, therefore, you’ll also find properties in the range of $600,000+.

Available Attractions / Concepts

Individuals will find many shops along the Danforth that offer many entertainment, dining and shopping options, because of this you’ll never need to leave the area. Also, for many years, the Danforth Music Hall has been providing excellent music and shows in the neighbourhood.


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