Moss Park

Moss Park is one of Toronto’s largest public housing comes. It is situated in the poorest half of the city. The Salvation Army Hostel is found across the street from Moss Park at the corner of Sherbourne and Queen Street.

The Moss Park neighbourhood was originally half of a 100 acre Park Ton owned by William Allan, one of early Toronto’s wealthiest citizens. In 1830, Allan engineered an enormous mansion on his estate and named it Moss Park. The mansion stood were the town park of the same name is nowadays.

Moss Park Homes

Moss Park Homes

When Allan gave up the ghost in 1853, he left his estate to his son George, who would later become the Mayor of Toronto. George Allan, immediately subdivided his father’s estate and this space soon became known for its Victorian homes.

Today, very little is left of the original neighbourhood. Its houses were demolished in 1962 in order to create space for the Moss Park Apartment Buildings that comprise the present Moss Park neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood has 3 double wing high-rise apartment buildings and one single-tower apartment house. All the apartment buildings are well set-back from the road. They are surrounded each by greenspace and by an inside network of roadways that discourage outside traffic from entering the neighbourhood.

Moss Park Maps

Moss Park Maps

There is local shopping on both Sherbourne and Parliament Streets. Queen Street East is an eclectic mix of local stores, and design and decorating stores that draw shoppers from Toronto’s more affluent neighbourhoods.

The Moss Park apartment buildings contain their own recreation centre, in addition to an out of doors basketball court, and a children’s playgrounds.

The park situated to the west of the neighbourhood apartment buildings is one among Toronto’s larger parks. It includes a sports field, a baseball diamond, and two tennis courts. The park is located right next to the John Innes Community Recreation Centre. This trendy recreational facility options an internal swimming pool, a gymnasium, a running track, a weight space, a cardio training room, a games room, a woodworking look, and a craft room. Next door to the community centre is the Moss Park Arena.

There are a variety of public transportation routes at intervals the neighbourhood, including the Queen Streetcar, and bus service on Sherbourne Street and Parliament Street. These surface routes connect to stations on the Bloor-Danforth and therefore the Yonge-University-Spadina subway lines.


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